Friday, 4 March 2011

Dawn of the Deaf

Rest easy, son – you’ve had a busy week.

Sadly most of it has been spent doing to the most unbloggably boring tasks – finishing off our investor pack, phoning producers for their sales figures, preparing PowerPoint presentations, planning our viral marketing campaign, blah blah bleeding blah. But, after a stupid number of hours behind the desk and a couple of heated discussions, it’s all done. Good to go.

And all because on Monday the unspeakable happens…

They turn off my broadband.

Yup – today was my last official day of employment. Ninety days of consultation are up. I have been weighed, I have been measured, and I have been found wanting. On Monday I need to hand in my badge and my gun. And my router. And very possibly my phone as well.

From my cold, dead hands. As we in the zombie business like to say.

I’m really not sure how this will leave my blogging over the next three weeks. I have sorted out a new broadband package, but it takes 20 days to arrive; the law insists on a two week cooling off period with my last service provider in case I change my mind (great – thanks for that). Just understand that anything I manage to upload to Shooting the Dead until the beginning of April will attest to a manic commitment to keeping you informed, as I will be sat in the car with the engine running outside a Starbucks piking off their free wi-fi in the middle of the night.

Anyway, our man Xan dropped us a line to say that his article is ready (see Echo Tango. Bravo!), and it’s a total sweet peach. The longer version is up on his web-site, with the Southampton Echo still to run the short version. And for the record, that chocolate cake in the photo looked considerably nicer than it tasted. Xan has some awesome sounding plans for other zombie-related activities over the next few months, so watch this space. Mr Phillips – the next round of Earl Grey is on us.

And finally the video of the Essex hospital recce is ready. The faint-hearted may choose to watch with the sound down, as we welcome back Lost Jonny to play us out with Big Loader.

We haven’t heard back from Hannah at the agency yet; after listening to that you will no doubt be sharing our anguish to resolve the location issue once and for all, and thereby sparing you from another video. And I’m not proud to say that the next tune will be about shagging sheep (hey – we were 14, OK?). Help us Obi Han; you’re our only hope. Disconnected.

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