Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Echo Tango. Bravo!

You can drag the boy away from a life of shameless tarting, but you just can’t take the shameless tarting out of the boy.

As a bit of Charmed Apocalypse back-story, m’colleague Jake’s former life was spent in Search Engine Optimisation, providing expensive tricks and techniques to help companies to float up through the Google rankings. Type “Shooting the Dead” into Google and see how high up this blog appears; that’s not by accident. It’s an unsavoury world of anchor texts, targeted links, referred traffic, tweeting and re-tweeting. Shameless tarting.

So of course I left him in charge of managing our profile.

Today, an otherwise un-bloggable day spent digging out budgetary information and writing copy for the investor package was cut short by a trip to meet Xan from the Southampton Daily Echo. And I think we can guess who set that one up.

Yup – sometime over the next few days the paper is going to publish a short piece on two local boys that packed in their day-jobs to bring #zombies to the region. Xan is also a reader of the blog, and it’s quite strange talking to someone you’ve never met before that already knows all your dirty secrets. Hi, man, if we haven’t put you off tuning in.

Brilliantly we ended up meeting in the ArtHouse, Southampton’s premiere vegetarian café; it’s difficult to imagine a less appropriate venue to wax lyrical on brain consumption and the recipe for fake blood. We may have also interrupted the placid vibe by bringing in a couple of axes as props for the photos. I feel an obligation to apologise to everyone that was put off their vegan snacks, and to warn them away from the finished movie.

I also feel an obligation to let you know that Jake is currently available for small SEO commissions (evenings only). Check out Cake-SEO, for all your Hampshire SEO needs. Whoring.


  1. You're a top man Phelps - but if you could just re-arrange the cluster of Cake links so Hampshire SEO is the first, that would be lovely.

    You can leave the whoring one.


  2. Hey Zombie lovers

    Just found out about the zombie film your making, I am indeed a hugh zombie film lover, so much so i have even written a song about the zombie apocalypse, a great song for any zombie film. The song is called 'Freaky Show'. Just an idea but i thought it could be used for the film. Check it out let me know what you think

  3. Dirty, dirty whoring indeed :)

  4. Excellent whoring, gentlemen.

    I don't know who this "Hugh Zombie" is that Joe is referring to, but he sounds like an excellent fellow....