Thursday, 10 March 2011


One thing I didn’t bank on when we kicked this off was having to become a pseudo-expert in just about everything.

From our earliest crash-courses in basic accountancy, through budget preparation, web-design, production breakdowns, and that activity that looks like the deformed off-spring from an unholy union between marketing and grovelling. Today’s lesson was all about printing; ask me anything about bleed areas and guillotine tolerances (two phrases that mean something completely different in every other conversation we’ve had about the film).

But now we’re finally ready to go, to start spreading the word to potential investors. Bringing law to the lawless. I’m sat amongst boxes of postcards, reams of parchment paper and a December’s worth of stamps – everything we need for the Long Walk. Herein lies our passport to a brighter future, or the very dampest of squibs; the lynchpin between all that has been and all that is to come (whatever it may be); our Sliding Doors moment, where we get on the train or get left at the station.

Meh. It can wait till Monday. Indifferent.

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