Thursday, 3 March 2011

Please don't leave a Tip

So, here’s the dilemma…

Today we got our first bite on InkTip. Actually, we got our first two bites.

Zombie Resurrection (as was) finishes its six-month tour-of-duty on March 9th, and was due to gracefully slide into InkTip retirement. This enables Jake and me to curse the whole US screenwriter-wannabe scene and go make the movie ourselves in good conscience. We’ll show them, the myopic wankers.

And we came so close to getting out with our psyche unscathed.

The timing is a little fishy though, don’t you think? Look! Industry interest! Just think what another six months in the shop-window could do for this screenplay! No, you can make the cheque out to me directly, Mr. Sorkin; Oh, I’m sorry – I’m always getting you two confused…

Yeah, right.

But is this going to stop me sending a copy off to the guy that mailed me? Probably not. Curious.

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