Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Professional fowls

Late at night, when the only sound normally heard is an incessant tap-tap-tap from the blogging fairies, Jake has been busy playing in his PhotoShop.

For as long as we’ve been thinking about the movie, we’ve been talking about ideas for poster-art. For a low-budget horror movie it’s one of the most important marketing tools you have – get the front of the DVD box right and you’re almost home dry, regardless of the quality of the contents. It’s not like there’s a law or something that says that the artwork has to have anything remotely to do with what’s actually in the movie. It seems.

Mentioning no titles, but I have sat through an astonishing array of immaculately packaged turkeys recently. It's like being at a Norfolk beauty pageant.

Anyway, this is the latest in the line, and I really quite like this one.

The sound-bite is 100% GhoulFool (not his real name, thankfully – think Alistair Campbell as a gothic fop, but without the redeeming humanity); the postcard oddly reminiscent of an earlier missive; the face shamelessly appropriated from Google. Bootiful!

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