Monday, 21 March 2011

Who will buy this wonderful morning?

I gotta tell you – our investor pack looks awesome.

I mean, it should do given the inordinately large amount of time and energy it has taken to put together.

For some people this is going to be their initial contact with the project; their first impression of the entertainingly disturbed Resurrection nether-world. Sure, it needs to be chock full of case studies, budget breakdowns, projected sales figures, tax relief details and investment safeguards. But it also has to convey our passion for the film; to translate the tone and spirit of what we’re trying to achieve; to pass on our conviction to the reader.

And having the GhoulFool’s delicious concept art as punctuation doesn’t hurt.

So, the business case is solid, the plans for the film are realistic, and we’re bringing something new to a hackneyed genre. If we get a chance to pitch it to a prospective financier, I’m relaxed that we’d be able to give a good account of ourselves.

But there’s the rub. How to get ourselves into a position to be able to pitch the project.

Facilitating this introduction is, I think, the single largest challenge that we are going to face over the course of the movie. This is the narrowest production door that we will need to squeeze through, and as jamb-lubricant Jake and I have chosen the medium of “enigmatic postcard”.

On the back is scrawled the message: “We have taken refuge in the water tower. They are everywhere now. Send for help.”

And that’s it. Apart from more dried blood, of course.

Well, not quite it. Obviously we follow up with a letter a couple of days later, and include a clean self-addressed postcard. Want more info? Pop your details on the card, and stick it back in the post. Simple and efficient.

The narrowest door it may well be, but now is the time to butter-up and squeeze our fat arses through it. Fairy God-mothers, friends of Fairy God-mothers and personal trainers should make themselves known to the cabin crew now. Starving.

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