Thursday, 31 March 2011

A tart amongst pies

Today Jake and I really started to put it about a bit.

It should come as no surprise to the repeat visitor to hear that we are currently fixating on the cash. Such is life at the choke point – what to do without some promise of investment injection? So most of what we are doing now is planning inventive ways to secure that elusive introduction to prospective financiers; finding people willing to listen to the pitch.

We need to get out there and network.

Bingo. My favourite word again. Although this is not so much like the networking I know and mistrust; this is more akin to aggressive kerb-crawling. Tonight Jake and I went to tart our wares in the company of local small-business people at Wired Wessex’s Secrets of Successful Entrepreneurs event, armed only with a pocket full of business cards and some really cheesy ice-breakers.

The event organiser thoughtfully picked a local pie magnate and the owner of a Hampshire micro-brewery to come and talk about the secrets to their success; at least this ensured a pint and a pie alongside the chat. No one likes to network sober.

And it seems that everybody has something to sell. From VoIP telephony, to geo-mapping solutions, to any number of local IT firms; no one is there to invest. As I waxed lyrically about the best way to decapitate a zombie, all I could see were a mass of eyes glazing over in an ah-so-you’re-not-going-to-be-a-future-customer-after-all manner.

Still, it’s a learning experience, and we have plenty more meet-and-greets lined up. We are looking at one event in July where we will get given a booth large enough to hang a prosthetic corpse in, and maybe even throw a bit of fake blood about too. Now that’s marketing. Sold.

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