Sunday, 29 January 2012


No one swore. No one belched. No one burst into tears. An away win at Charmed Central.

For anybody that failed to tune in for our radio debut last night on Xan Phillips’ brilliantly-named South by Southampton show, you have another seven days to ignore this listen again link before you can legitimately say that you’ve missed it. And while it’s going to take a little more practice before Jake and I can fully expunge all traces of repetition, deviation and hesitation, it was a lot more fun than we were expecting. A big Charmed shout-out to Xan for inviting us on his show, respect to Loz for some in-horde perspective, kudos to horror-encyclopaedia Rob for identifying the zombie movie with Donald Sutherland in, and apologies to Shami for falling victim to my poor mental arithmetic.

And for astute followers of the IndieGoGo campaign, it seems that we were victims of a “fraudulent transaction” after all; the special place in our hearts that used to have Earle Watson’s name embroidered in fluffy letters has been replaced by a darkening stain. I had assumed that our unsolicited gains would now be Barclaycard’s problem, but some people seem to get their on-line kicks in strange ways. Chumped.

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