Sunday, 15 January 2012

Ooh – hello, trailer

Taa daa!

Oh, wait a minute. A very happy 2012 to y’all. Let’s get that out of the way first.

I know – it’s been weeks since my last confession. Far too long to list all my bad behaviour in one sitting, but suffice to say that I now finally come bearing gifts. After a seeming eternity of broken promises and rain cheques, I’m delighted to finally be able to introduce you all to the Zombie Resurrection trailer. Delighted and relieved.

And like bad godparents, we’ve tried to make up for all the missed birthdays and Christmases by bringing you something special.

So, what you see below you are the fruits of Matt’s fabulous editing, Ads’ tone-perfect grading, and Dale’s sublime musical accompaniment. Worthy wrapping for all the succulent goodies within. I hope that this serves as an adequate CV for Heidi and Sara’s impeccable zombie make-up skills till the real mess arrives.

And with the digital constipation now firmly rodded through the system, we return to business as usual in Charmed Central; don’t think you’ll be able to get away with another whole month without a Phelpenrant. Now, can you all please stop hassling me? Unblocked.

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  1. I'm mega impressed! Even the old mrs liked it and she's usually not in to zombies.