Saturday, 4 February 2012

Dismember of Parliament

The shameless Charmed self-promotion blunderbuss roars on.

And in amongst the clattering fallout, it seems that we have managed a few inch-perfect head-shots. So, sit back and nurse your hangovers through some of the more entertaining recent Zombie Resurrection coverage in the horror fanzines…

  • A big interview with Jake and me for Undead Backbrain, where we allegedly “talk intelligently”. Recent devotees of Voice FM may have a valid alternate view.
  • Stars of Trailer Tuesday on the Zed Word.
  • Some genre ear-turning, courtesy of Horror Loop.
  • And for those that like to play hard-and-fast with their Google analytics – Winchester MP Steve Brine (Con) gets down with the undead. Somewhere nearby a thousand tea-cups tremble.

It’ll be next Saturday when we get to unveil the cream-of-the-crop of our recent tarting activities, when newspaper readers in the beautiful South are given their first taste of the moral bankruptcy at the heart of their community. All I will say for now is that it hasn’t been easy finding pictures that are suitably gore-less for mass consumption.

Thus ends a week spent hawking our respective arses around – quite rewarding, on the hole. Taken.

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