Thursday, 26 January 2012

404 - Earle not recognised

In the same way that it’s considered bad form to start a text conversation with an old girlfriend after you’ve been drinking, it is widely acknowledged that blogging while still agape isn’t the wisest of plans.

But, this moment needs a posting. You’re going to have to excuse me and read around the astonishment.

But before I jump in, I’d like to take this moment to throw out a massive hunk-a-hunk-a Charmed love to the fabulous people that have headed across to our IndieGoGo campaign, marvelled at just how uncomfortable two people can look when stuck in front of a camera, and then still contributed to our post-production fund. The undead wall of love is now up, and Jake’s and my thanks extend to each and every one of them.

And while we’re on the subject, I’ll tell you where the astonishment stems from.

Just before close of play, we got sent through a contribution, and one that didn’t make a lot of sense at first. It wasn’t from anyone that we knew; there were no perks requested; just a straight donation. Of $5000.

What? $5000? Just like that? And when I emailed him to make sure his cat hadn’t just been walking across the keyboard, the mail bounced back. No such address.

A genuinely anonymous benefactor, and we can’t even get in touch to say “thanks”. Or ask why.

Earle, I have no idea whether you followed through the maze of links on our IndieGoGo page and have chanced across the blog, but this genuinely seems to be our only possible opportunity to say thank you. A heartfelt albeit astonished thank you, mixed up with elements of what the hell did you see that prompted you into such an unsolicited act of filmic philanthropy?

So, thanks to Earle-the-anonymous, Zombie Resurrection gains a new Executive Producer, and Jake and I take one giant leap closer. Stunned.