Saturday, 21 January 2012

OK... Go!

Right – so that’d be the sound of two boys on the scrounge, then.

Absolutely. Yesterday at about five pm we jumped through the last legal hoop, and our IndieGoGo funding campaign went live.

For anybody that has no idea what I’m talking about, IndieGoGo is a crowd-sourcing website – basically the film equivalent of those on-line sponsorship websites that have suddenly popped up everywhere, except that you promise goodie-bags in return for cold hard cash. Want a photo session with you dressed and made-up as a zombie, with the highly awesome Rob Luckins and Heidi Clarke? Fancy a personalised ringtone from Jim Sweeney, who plays Zombie Resurrection’s one-man swearing master-class Mac? We just may be able to do you a deal.

Post-production is an expensive time (sound, music, foley, titles, CGI, grading, mastering, etc.), and crowd-sourcing is just one of the avenues that we are exploring. A pal of mine recently ran a very successful IndieGoGo campaign to get his critically lauded documentary about über-loaded Weetabix-haired Scot-bully Donald Trump through its final stages. As the only thing that our films have in common is that the director, Ant, and I may occupy adjacent slots in a phone book, it seemed enough to warrant us giving it a shot.

And with David Cameron’s recent prattle about what he wants to see from British cinema still ringing in my ears (and which will be a blog subject all on its own once the ire has subsided a little), crowd-sourcing is without a doubt one of the most sensible options available to us. But, being honest, it’s an avenue I wish that we didn’t have to explore.

Getting the IndieGoGo campaign up is the thing that has made me more uncomfortable than anything else in the production. Sending out an email to everybody I know asking for cash is not something that rests easily against my psyche; in fact it strains at every tendon and fibre in my being. If this posting seems more even deranged than normal it’s because it comes off the back of a terrible night’s sleep of angst and trauma, let down by the tried-and-tested staples of yogic breathing, onanism and the Shipping Forecast.

Anyway, with that mea culpa firmly in place, please take a couple of minutes to go check out our campaign page (or click on the picture) – even if you don’t want to pick up a perk, just watching the video boosts our “IndieGoGo Factor”, and helps push the campaign onto the front page of their web-site.

It’s a massive Charmed thank you to the early birds that have already hit the contribute buttons – we already $1400 closer to our target in less than a day (yes – that’s US $ we’re working in, which makes everything seem that much bigger). A heartfelt thank you to you all from Jake and me.

Oh, and while I’m here, I probably also owe you all a profound apology for the couple of wankers that dominate the video; at least it answers any questions about why we prefer life on the other side of the camera. It seems to me that chronic narcissism is a perfectly reasonable position to adopt if you’re an actor, otherwise it must be absolutely interminable having to watch yourself on the big screen. Shrinking.

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