Friday, 27 January 2012

Feeders digest

Time to drum up some attention from the gore-hounds and genre fans.

With St Marcelo still doing his delicious thing with the edit of Zombie Resurrection, and the fund-raising infrastructure oiled and running smoothly, Jake and I have taken the liberty of putting feelers out into the zombie community. Anything we can do to boost the fan-boy awareness and get people pre-psyched on the movie through the joys of the trailer is going to make our lives easier when the film is finished. And when the real tarting starts.

Plus it can’t hurt with the IndieGoGo campaign. Pick up your copy of the DVD now, save yourself the unsightly rummage through a bargain bin later.

So, time to make yourself a hot cup of tea, and get clicking…

  • A great piece on the Horror Cult Films website. The expression “stylishly shot splatterfest” is so going on the posters that we take to Cannes.
  • Some photos in the Horror News section of the Snakebite Horror website.
  • A lot of redness on US website Truly Disturbing Horror, with another great quote for the poster – “a truly sick zombie flick”. Very heavy, and very metal.

And if that isn’t enough of Jake and I shamelessly whoring our wares, fans of the front-of-camera car-crash should set aside 6:00 till 8:00 pm tomorrow night to tune in to Xan Phillips’ radio show on Voice FM, Southampton’s education station, to listen to the pair of us tie ourselves up in knots live on air. And for those of you blessed with a postcode outside the region, don’t think that you’re let off the hook:

How the inarticulate wibbling of two splatter-fiends is going to boost the local education level remains to be seen, but I’ve been practicing my vowel sounds anyway. Repeat after me, Ms Doolittle – the pain in Spain falls mainly on the braaaaaaaains. Gargled.

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