Thursday, 24 February 2011

Talking out of my art’s hole

That sweet Mr. GhoulFool; he’s done it again.

Not his real name, thankfully – think more the Milk Tray man circa 1750, surreptitiously dropping off sweet Laudanum-laced treats while the wenches sleep on.

So today while Jake and I fought through funding strategies and risk management proposals, little nuggets of GhoulFool goodness starting popping into our FTP account. And thank Christ they did, because now we’ve actually got something interesting to blog about – I was winding up to a detailed statistical analysis of the expected returns on DVD sales vs. Video On Demand, when I know you’re all going to bittorrent it anyway.

A few weeks back we sat down with the GhoulFool and chewed over our immediate artwork needs. Some new zombie designs, or some classy Resurrection font, or poster art. All very helpful.

And then the discussion moved on to drawing the screenplay as comic art.

Not the whole script, of course. And certainly not a story-board. Just a couple of key action sequences, which we can show to potential investors to give them an idea of how the movie is going to play out. Everybody understands comics.

We go home into the period of radio silence – the sound of a creative mind at play. Jake and I forget all about it, and get on with the important business of walking around broken buildings and looking at Excel.

And then pages one and two came. And then I did too.

To set the scene, what you’re seeing is what happens immediately before the party meet their first “ripe” zombie; fast, strong and utterly terrifying. It’s what m’pal Dave calls the “Crass Blow-job Scene”.

I was expecting the Fat Slags, and he brought me Neil Gaiman.

Tomorrow we all celebrate the start of the weekend by taking The GhoulFool out and buying him beer till he is so sated that he forgets how to say no. We plan on taking advantage of this impressionable state by asking him to just keep drawing until he arrives at the end of the screenplay, and then Jake and I won’t even need to film it.

Oh, and he brought us new zombie designs, and some classy Resurrection fonts, and some poster art as well. But that’s for another time. Sullied.


  1. ....nice to see my supportive words coming back to haunt me in your blog. Nice images of the "crass blow job" scene though....The GhoulFool sure knows how to make things look pretty.

  2. Hey - we wear it like a badge of honour. It's what we called the scene in the production breakdown...

  3. really funky drawings for sure