Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Head-full of Hell

So anyway, it seems that I may have been a little unfair to m’colleague Mr Hawkins in my last posting. Apologies, dude.

Because by close of play today we had only fought our way through to the end of scene 38, meaning that hungover Jake was operating at nearly 60% efficiency yesterday. My particular traditional post-session circumstances find me in the middle of the perfect shit-storm of advanced age, lack of practice and having started off as a bit of a pussy in the first place; I’m pretty certain that I wouldn’t be able to break into double figures. It seems that begrudging respect is due.

The down-side of a fully fit Jake is that after a full day of list-making, whenever I now close my eyes my default brain activity has switched to the after-image of an Excel cell being filled in. And we’re only half way through the bloody screenplay. What happened to the naked ladies or the scenes from Star Wars?

Please make it go away. Desperate.

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