Friday, 25 February 2011

Meeting the immovable object

So this is what it feels like to be a Spurs supporter.

Because today we found out that we won’t be going to Wembley after all.

Nope – somehow Resurrection is going to have to happen without St. Joseph’s College being part of it. Computer says no. Well, not so much no; more that they’re not going to accept anything less than my first born child and a testicle each to hire the place out.

The maths of it are thus… we were given St. Joseph’s day rate way before we even saw the place, a fairly robust £1250 per day, plus VAT, plus their security costs. OK. If we were doing a 1-day photo shoot, or if we were the BBC, then this would be the figure. But we’re not. It’s not unreasonable to expect a huge discount if we hire out the place for 3 weeks solid. And if we’re not the BBC.

So, we did easy Jake and Andy maths. We’re shooting for 18 days (in 6-day weeks); let’s offer them £18,000, and they have to let us in a day early to prep the place, and they can take care of the VAT and the security guards (they have to pay for them to be on site whether we’re there or not). An eminently reasonable offer, we thought.

And then the reply. St. Joseph’s will accept £27,500 plus VAT . And we will need to pay for their security costs.

To save you grabbing for the calculator, I’ll break it down. They want £1250 a day, for seven days a week (i.e. even on our day off), and another £1250 for the preparation day. And we are still responsible for the VAT and the security.

I’m certainly not having a crack at the Location Agency; I mean, all they can do is pass on our proposal to the owners. But, come on, St. Joseph’s... how is this a sensible riposte in the negotiation process? I mean, the cost has actually technically gone up from their initial quote.

We got in touch. We outlined all the factors. And the word came back – there is no scope for budge. How about we defer the excess costs until after the film is sold? No. How about we just give them Jake’s testicle and my girlfriend’s cat? Again, no.

So that’s that. A bye to Brent, and a serious re-think about the RAF base. Heartbroken.

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