Monday, 28 February 2011

The day formerly known as Monday

Today Jake and Andy have been mostly grumpy.

Don’t get me wrong, we are so very over St. Joseph’s College by now. But it has cast us roughly and unexpectedly back into location limbo.

I have already mentioned that I suffer from location angst, haven’t I?

So, on the one hand Jake is pretty relaxed about moving directly back to the haunted RAF base, zombie bar and all. But Andy-the-brat has been spoiled by other venues. I just can’t quite believe that it’s a psychiatric hospital anymore. And where else would you find the risen-Christ-turned-zombie other than in a psychiatric hospital?

So, we have spent the majority of the day scouring the inter-web for anything else vaguely appropriate. There aren’t too many options out there. And that has made us grumpy.

While Jake and I see mostly the same movie in our respective minds’-eyes, there are inevitable moments when our opinions diverge. This used to happen every once in a while when we were writing and re-writing the screenplay, and it turned out that once we’d found a mutually agreeable third solution it was invariably better than both of our earlier options. So it is entirely appropriate that we continue to plough through the fields of shit till we find something that we can both call dinner; however it doesn’t make it smell any better while we’re at it. And that has made us grumpy.

Sure enough, another possible location did emerge through the gloom. Early indications weren’t great for boosting the office mood: “the site manager cannot guarantee that this location will still be available for filming in September as it is going to be developed at some point”, but a little additional prodding has alleviated those concerns a bit. We’re off for a gander tomorrow; expect late photos and a solid plan of action borne out of six hours sat in the same car together.

Six bloody hours… you read it correctly.

Yup. If we like it, we’ll be spending a whole month in Essex.

And that has made us grumpy.

So, all in all it’s been one of those days. It’s what used to be called Monday back in the working world, but it needs a better name now that we’re doing something we actually want to do. Suggestions on a pay-slip to the usual address. Truculent.


  1. Great blog guys, but it has to be a joke right? Come on..let's get real here, the only film you two are going to be involved in anytime soon, is a couple of supporting roles in 'Jobcentre: The Movie' Deluded.

  2. Gawd bless ya Flacid, glad you like the blog! x

  3. Um...'flacid' has two 'c's? I'd spellcheck that script before you expect anyone to drop 158k on it! Lol. Thank me later...

  4. A regular I see! Thanks again Flacid. x