Friday, 18 February 2011

Brent… out of shape

And now I'm officially in love.

People of the blogosphere, I’d very much like to take this opportunity to introduce you to the Resurrection screenplay’s soul-mate, as she pokes her tower coyly through the undergrowth.

St. Joseph’s College – surely the most gorgeous flavour of Old Knackered, located a mere mis-kick away from Wembley Stadium in Brent, NW London.

Imagine, if you will, a horde of zombies descending on an industrial kitchen to fix themselves a snack. Does it look like this, but with just a bit more viscera?

OK, then picture the kind of enormous hall in which you’d be most likely to encounter an army of the undead, if the freshly zombified Messiah himself was at the helm. Is this close (army of the undead not shown)?

According to the security guard, the whole site is yours for a mere £27 million; Al Fayed ain’t interested, but the BBC are frequent visitors. It was a conversation that was very reminiscent of the strangely well-informed door-man from Wayne’s World. The Location Agency demands are for £1,250 a day + VAT, so Jake and I need to get some serious negotiation practice in over the weekend. Friends and family – you have been warned.

The inevitable down-side is the noise. Although it seems well insulated from the general traffic, police car sirens are apparently not un-common (in NW London? Who’d have thought it?), and we are going to have to plan quiet narrative moments around the 3 am lull in Heathrow throughput. If anybody knows a good way to awaken an Icelandic volcano, I’m all ears. Receptive.

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