Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Too macho

So – how cool does the banner look, eh?

It comes courtesy of our man the GhoulFool (not his real name, thankfully – think more a binocular Snake Plissken without the ASBO). Props as ever, sir.

Anyway, in other news, a big fat package arrived today from Companies House. Cue much jumping about and a general outpouring of excitement. We looked inside it was the government sending our forms back with a list of all the places we had filled them in wrong. Cue an extraordinarily rapid deflation of enthusiasm.

Our IN01 was an unwitting victim of testosterone last week; it seems that we would have benefited from that accountant after all.

In the highly unlikely event that any future reader has adopted this blog as a loose blueprint for getting their film made, watch out for the bizarre non-printing barcodes in the D4 section and make sure you fill in the F4 bit.

For everyone else, it’s probably best not to let Jake or I help fix your boiler, no matter how convincing we sound. Chastised.


  1. As always, I blame the Government.

  2. I hear adoption papers are easier to fill out than an IN01...