Friday, 21 January 2011

Buttocks of the living dead

Forgive me – it has been two days since my last confession. What’s with this slacking off on a Thursday, Phelps?

I do have a good excuse. I was “networking with key creatives”.

And if you think this was just the line that I used so that my girlfriend would let me head down the pub with Jake and the GhoulFool (not his real name, thankfully – think more a cuddly version of Lawrence Llewelyn Bowen that doesn’t trigger the violence instinct), you wouldn’t be a million miles away. But you didn’t hear that from me, right?

Predictably the GhoulFool failed to disappoint. The sweet fellow.

I am surely doing General Patton a disservice in paraphrasing him without even bothering to check my accuracy on Google, but he had an adage that went along the lines of “don't tell people what to do, tell them what you want and let them surprise you with the results”. Yesterday we were treated to “early sketches”, featuring full-on designs for the undead, an array of possible logos for the production company, and, deliciously, a near-perfect rendering of one of our characters before and after having her face ripped off.

Consider me surprised. And utterly delighted.

In fact, such was the strength of feeling (and just maybe also that of the on-tap lager) that Jake and I felt moved to make a pact. And you can’t ever, ever go back on a pub pact.

So, on the day of the film’s premiere, we will be seeking out a reputable tattoo artist for the purchase of two renditions of the company logo.

I only mention this in case Jake feels like he can claim boozer’s remorse on his pledge to commit the GhoulFool’s work to flesh, and I call upon this growing band of witnesses to not let us off the hook. It seems fair – if we get to realise a lifetime’s ambition, that’s got to be worth at least a buttock each. Demand your ink, people.

And so all the background work continues. Today we bought the company URL and started building the website, onto which the logo and all this content will be lovingly placed. We are looking at mid-way through next week to go live, but I may well be compelled into a sneak-posting of some zombie art over the weekend when it gets FTP-ed across.

But otherwise, the weekend finally beckons. Has this week seemed to last as long to everyone else as it has to me? Knackered.


  1. I don't recall whoring one of my sweet cheeks Dr. Phelps, but if it gets a theatrical release I'll gladly do both...

  2. Please, please make it a small tattoo!! And on no circumstances try to stick your finger up their bum for a laugh! x