Friday, 14 January 2011

Crossing the first threshold

Everything kicks off on Monday.

Today is Jake’s last day of paid employment. Oh, I get a slightly more graceful wind-down from a regular salary as the lengthy letting-Andy-go process shuffles on, but after today that’s it for m’partner. His bank account has gulped its last lung-full, and he has now got to hold his breath. Even for a man with an absence of life-anchors (no mortgage, girlfriend, career, kids, friends, class, sense, etc.), it’s a massive commitment to the undead.

And he moves back in with his parents this weekend.

Damn... I salute you, Mr Hawkins.

So, better finish the back-story while you can, Phelps. List the project assets. Make it clear that we don’t have super-star actors or investors already lined up; no Deus Ex Machina to mysteriously pull out of the bag later on and hope that nobody notices. In the spirit of full disclosure, this is our lot:

  • The draft screenplay, honed by long summer afternoons in the pub planning character arcs and act turning points (I only knew we were thinking hard enough when I started waking up with a headache).
  • The Guerrilla Film Makers’ Handbook. Of course.
  • A year.
  • A childishly impressive library of zombie movies, both great and small. And as I mentioned in my last posting, some are very, very small.
  • 250 tea bags.
  • Er… and that’s about it, really.

Not true. There’s also the GhoulFool. Not his real name, thankfully – think more a civically-responsible Hampshire Banksy. Our artist in residence. A man with some serious chops up his arsenal, talent oozing through to every un-split end of his lavish perm. He’s currently sketching out our characters; visualising story elements; cooking up some poster art. And hopefully something to beautify this ugly-arse blog site. In case you think I have an obligation to blow smoke up his rectum, don’t take my word for it:

So, on Monday we get lost in the detail. The planning. The OK-what-the-hell-do-we-do-now. It’ll be messy when you check in next week. Danders will be up; medically significant levels of caffeine and chillies will be consumed; reality biting. Grammar will suffer.

You have been warned. Antsy.

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  1. Luuuuuuuv it, will cheer me to read in the long dark evenings still to come this year Jx