Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Dying to be in a film

So anyway, today we have been offered human remains. As set dressing.

My girlfriend’s recently deceased father is currently being Ded-Exed across from Michigan; well, an urn-full of him anyway. Being in a horror film is, apparently, exactly “what he would have wanted”. I doubt that.

It seems that the cremation combustion process is pretty good, but not perfect. An urn will rattle when shaken (although what anyone would achieve by shaking one isn’t clear). The conversation on the best way to separate the remaining bone from ash was brief, and I urge people not to accept any of Claire’s dinner-party invitations for a while.

Are there other instances where an actor’s IMDb listing consists only of parts played post-mortem? A lesser man than me would pop in a Nicholas Cage gag here.

Thinking about it, I’ll probably tell her “no thanks”. Troubled.


  1. So, so squeamish . . . sigh! Zombie film makers. Pussies! Cx

  2. Sigh ... tried to get my Mum a part, post-cremation, in Life of a Legend (sitting on mantlepiece with a deadpan expression - may I say she was excellent at that) but she ended up on the cutting room floor, figuratively speaking ...aahhh happy days Jake. Jx

  3. I hear the 'BME pain olympics final round' could probably provide you with some body part, although the original keepers are not actually dead...

  4. @thejuliajones one of the tougher editing choices I've had to make, if only you didn't nail the performance so perfectly I may have needed to piece takes together with a cheeky cutaway of your Mum. Aye it was much fun! Full video of 'Life as a Legend' and can be viewed here: http://www.theredred.com/video-2/video/life-legend/