Tuesday, 14 February 2012


And like the last scene in 28 Weeks Later, it seems that the Channel is no impediment to the onward march of Zombie Resurrection.

Today marked an important milestone in the project – our first foreign language write-up on the Zombie Shocker Facebook page. And for those of you whose French is as pas-bon as mine, we’ll let Google Translate carry the heavy load. They have a lot of nerve if they consider this software ready for human consumption, but damn – did it make me laugh.

In a world angel love drawing the sources of its new culture in new urban legends neo-post-apocalyptic deviants to artefacts of cannibalism and magic... and 15 months after the catastrophic end of our current civilization, a group of survivors are forced to take refuge in an apparently abandoned school. But the halting place of their trip, is not abandoned if it is already invaded by the undead for the behaviour so to speak... unusual.

Among the crowd of this band of wild beasts and hungry, to demi-human, they meet a mysterious undead that has surprisingly a special gift... a kind of "messiah zombie'' who has the power when he comes into a trance while placing his hands on a zombie to get him back to life and that, on coming back... what do impote which is then eaten by others of the tribe, thus avoiding the members of this community, not to spoil too by feeding on fresh pulpit, thus benefiting from a better vitality of movement... through their healer, this zombie guru, Master of Non-Putrefaction. Among the victims of this vicious circle of self-survival, the group meets a strange refuge survivor who survived the morbid circle. This is an ancient undead who was resurrected and devoured hundreds of times. It illuminated a little crazy and wants to kidnap the Zombie Christ to understand the meaning of life.

Genius! I so want to see this film. Essoufflé

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