Sunday, 12 February 2012

Jason and the aarrgh-anauts

And with only 28 days left to make our post-production finance target, Jake and I have upped our game for getting the word out.

This was always the point about the IndieGoGo campaign. Like the trailer? Want to help? OK – here’s how. The challenge is now to get as many people to land on the trailer as we can (which was a snip under six thousand, at last peak), and then gently shepherd them over to the campaign page.

And there’s been a couple of big word-out moments this week.

First up, a long interview on the ├╝ber-cool fanzine website Horror Cult Films. In case you’re wondering, Jason is Jake’s more attractive and hirsute twin.

And then there’s the Echo. The Echo. Southampton and South Hampshire’s local newspaper, for local people. Not content with just doing a piece on us in their TV & Leisure Saturday supplement, they also very kindly gave us the cover. If you want access to this week’s TV Guide, you’ve got to get past the beautifully gored and freshly-caffeinated Simon Burbage; perk-researchers please note that it’s the masterful Rob Luckins behind the lens, with Heidi and Sara’s terrific make-up in front.

Oh, and I should point out that not all our zombies behave in quite so refined a manner. It’s feeding, not breeding, that will out as a general rule. Covered.

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