Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Dead and Glastonburied

Jesus H Ripe – how do people manage to do this and keep a life on the go at the same time?

To be fair, this week has had to be crammed into three ball-breakingly solid chunks of zombie goodness to allow me to slope off to Glastonbury on Thursday. Five days away from the undead, and my girlfriend is delighted.

I’ve been a regular at the Pilton mud-bath since 1991. And I have to ‘fess up and say that this is the first year that I’m not looking forward to going.

It’s not just the prospects of having to carefully plan my evenings to make sure I avoid Beyoncé and U2, or the forecast of rain, or the fact that I no longer have a shitty job to escape from for a long weekend. It’s because I really can’t justify taking time away just as everything is hitting critical mess.

It’s 12:30 in the morning, and I’ve just sent Jake on his way.  The whole of yesterday evening, and a couple of hours after school today saw us marching around our college location armed only with a screenplay and a particularly hard-to-follow map, working through the script in minute detail. Marrying up what’s happening in each room, discussing camera angles, and making sure that when someone goes through a door they pass into another room through a door of the same colour. We planned the script around a different location, and there’s a whole load of work involved in moving that across to another venue.

And then tonight we re-wrote the screenplay.

From start to finish – all 87 pages. New take-downs and escapes, different gore levels depending on whether we’re shooting on carpet or a wipe-clean floor, and adding the line “if you ever touch my bum again, I’ll toe-punt you in the cock so hard you’ll be fucking your own arse from the inside.”

Because tomorrow kicks off again at 9:00 with our 1st AD, Dave, in attendance. Tomorrow we start our scheduling. It’s going to be another long day.

So, chances are that this is my last posting till next week, unless something pertinent to the undead holocaust happens while I’m away and I get enough mobile bandwidth to be able to send anything home. Don’t hold your breath, eh? Inhaling.

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