Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Busted by the rug squad

More sweet green boxes on the Charmed production spreadsheets.

This week is all about nailing down more of the remaining production elements – phoning around our last few crew members, chasing insurance quotes, finding solutions for some of the more esoteric props, etc. Along with Excel, Skype is quickly becoming a friend of the project; helping provincial film-makers feel slightly better about not living in London since 2003.

One of the props that we knew was going to come back and bite us when we wrote the script is a “blanket crudely fashioned from the pelts of dead animals”; this has some later narrative importance, and can’t just be replaced with a “second-hand duvet, featuring pictures of animals”, for example.

Quick maths puts the surface area at around 36 rabbits, four goats or a bison. Strangely, eBay appears to have a disturbingly wide array of flayed skins on offer, although I think that half an hour of research may have ruined my Google-targeted advertising for the rest of 2011. Grizzly.

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