Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Lessons learned

We did something today that we should have done a long while back.

Before Tuesday’s auditions started, Jake and I had a meeting with the Economic Development Marketing Officer for Hampshire County Council.

Not the easiest to decipher of job titles, but as far as we can tell her role is to act as a dating agency between film-people and places-to-film-in. In Hampshire. And presumably with money involved.

We talked zombies. We explained our situation. And now she’s going to dip into her extensive contact list and try and find us somewhere to film.

Really? That simple? Maybe you should have done this a while back, Phelps.

Thanks. Lesson learned.

To be fair to us, we did get in touch back in February, at the time of the first location hunt. We dropped her a quick email, and we got one back with a couple of suggestions. They didn’t pan out, but then our original college happened. As shallow promises of unfulfilled glory shone down upon our heads, we moved on.

An email is just a task waiting to be completed. What schools are friendly? How about these? Question answered; mail deleted; zombies forgotten. But discussing the project in person means that the Resurrection behemoth now occupies a space slightly further forward in her mind than it would have otherwise done. We’re now an assignment, a challenge to her professional network and skills of persuasion.

And this is not to say that we’re expecting the highly awesome college that we looked around on Friday to fall though. Quite the contrary. But recent experience has shown us that when it comes to moving eggs about the place two baskets are definitely better than one.

Lesson learned. Bitten.

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