Friday, 13 May 2011

Acting, baby

In-between our recent bursts of under-entertaining winning, this week Jake and I have also been rocking through the casting process in earnest.

From the 170 applicants, we have whittled down the list to the people we want to chat to; we’ve had to leave a whole bunch of talent behind that doesn’t quite match our characters, and it’s been heart-breaking at times. But after five days of filtering on an industrial scale, we’re good for round one. The venue has been procured, the initial invitations have gone out, and the enormous spreadsheet has been carefully tended. In another chickens-home-to-roost moment, we are suffering the organisational overhead for writing a film with an ensemble cast of ten main roles, and we have needed to break the casting into two blocks. Damn - without Excel this whole film-making process would have been doomed from the off.

And taking advantage of the whole everything-falling-into-place thing, we hooked up with a potential Continuity guy and a Gaffer yesterday, and now have two more delightful green boxes on (yet another) spreadsheet. James and Massimo – a big welcome to Charmed Central, gents. Two safe pairs of hands and the kind of entertaining company we’ll be grateful for at 4:30 am as the Red Bull wears off.

And that’s probably me done for today. Jake and I are about to head back to the forest to catch the Evil Dead, playing as part of the Winchester Film Festival, although I am going to make sure Jake sits next to the grumpiest-looking tree. It’s finding someone broadminded enough to take the splinters out that worries me most. Violated.

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