Friday, 6 May 2011


And slowly everything slots into place...

This has been a very entertaining week at Charmed Central, with a few more of the harder-to-complete numbers getting filled into the great game of movie Soduku. We are now working to a known budget, which has demanded a considerable amount of Excel magic and re-working. But we're there. Or thereabouts.

One decision that has made itself is our choice of Director of Photography. There was always the option of offering the job up on Talent Circle and Shooting People, and we’ve had a medium-sized bucket of up-front cash set aside. But with the numbers as they stand, a more realistic option has emerged – Jake. The man already knows cameras from their arse to their iris, so what's the point in him telling someone else what to shoot and then just standing around and watching them get on with it? Chalk one up to the pikeys.

In other news, the script re-write from the Chesil read-through is finished, along with a much more manageable series of take-downs. And yes – that now includes the "simple indoor crucifixion". If anything, the tone of the film has got even darker, and has left us with a more thematically-rich denouement. To die for, it would seem.

And just because the casting call is finished doesn't mean that the crazies have been put off. One of our characters is of African descent, and yesterday someone very kindly applied offering to black-up for the part. Don’t get me wrong I'm comfortable that a little bit of notoriety could work in our favour, but I'm not completely sure if we're ready for that just yet. Church-related angst we can deal with; the wrath of the Equality and Human Rights Commission is a different kettle of fish. Multi-cultural.

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