Monday, 4 April 2011

Zombies FTW

So, as we continue to stretch our tendrils out in the quest for financiers, it struck us that we should also pop the investor pack up on the Charmed Apocalypse web-page in case anyone else fancied jumping aboard the Resurrection bus… just follow this link.
Go; have a rummage; taste the zombie hyperbole; marvel at the Return on Investment figures and generous tax relief; and enjoy all the GhoulFool’s best work gathered together in one place (not his real name, thankfully – think more an impeccably-mannered Victorian master-criminal with just the merest hint of Charlie Sheen).

And just because it mentions that we’re after three significant investors, don’t think that we wouldn’t welcome a whole bunch of smaller financiers as well. Spread the word and don’t be shy. Winning.

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