Friday, 8 April 2011


It can’t just be me that hates the sound of their own voice, can it?

I’m not talking about the stupid things that have a habit of falling out of my mouth every time I open it without mental preparation and due regard. Although that’s probably a good topic for another post. This is about hearing myself on a recording; hearing myself as everyone else hears me.

There must be a word for this that ends in –phobia. If there is, Jake and I suffer from it, and we suffer bad.

So you can imagine the quiet anxiety around Charmed Central as we listened to the interview with us on the latest edition of “Xan Phillips presents”… a ten minute aural water-boarding conducted with sphincters puckered and shoe-laces contemplated. The fact that Xan’s voice effortlessly glides amongst us like professionally drizzled Kahlúa on a velvet ski-slope doesn’t help us feel much better.

And so you need to understand that it is with some trepidation that I am posting this link to Xan’s Spotify radio show.

OK - warning over. We’re Chat Section 09 and 10, although you’re almost certainly better off listening to the Martin Harley and Laura Marling tunes instead. Squirming.

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