Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Breakfast of champions

Resurrection investor activities were dramatically ramped up earlier today with my first networking breakfast.

Any day that started with the first wake-up alarm that I have needed to set in 2011 shouldn’t have been this much fun. As I eschewed the standard Charmed breakfast of a can of Stella and a couple of Rothmans for the healthier “full English” option, I settled in to tell a room of complete strangers all about the undead in no longer than forty seconds.

Predictably this event wasn’t the right place to find investors directly, but it did surprise me by being a bloody good laugh instead. I only get three goes around before they’ll make me shell out for membership (and there really ain’t no good business reason to do that), but I’m certainly going back for my next two strikes. Unless someone that took my card earlier has somehow found their way on to this blog, in which case I have yet to make up my mind about joining, and I’ll probably need a couple more goes before I can decide.

So far, so good. But then we hit the mother lode.

As I waltzed back to the office, high on carbs and unexpected sobriety, Jake and I received an invitation. From the office of the Right Honourable Steve Brine MP (con), Jake and I have been cordially invited to Parliament in mid-May to discuss “attracting investment and the possibility of garnering some publicity into the project”.

Damn! That there’s the fatted fruit from some seriously shameless self-promotion, lovingly planted and nurtured by someone at Charmed Central; I guess I shouldn’t look so surprised anymore. Although if you really want to see truly wanton publicity whoring at play, just type “Andy Phelps Resurrection” into Google.

Jake is so wasted on movie making. Dazzled.

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  1. If only the can of Stella and a couple of Rothmans was an achievable dream......Cooper ....