Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Fuck me - it's Danny Brown!


A man sits with a cup of tea listening to the radio; a football match is playing. The man is weeping.

As tears stream down his cheeks, they are joined by rivulets of snot effortlessly meandering from each nostril. Lines of mascara chart a crooked path to his chin, where they tumble to form an untidy and sticky pool on the table.

Such, it seems, is the lot of a Blackpool fan. At least that is what the BBC would like us to believe in their new inter-programme plug for FiveLive. I can’t tell you how it ended, such was the unexpected uproar in my flat – Fuck Me! It’s Danny Brown!

Last seen chowing down on intestines with an axe in his back, Danny very ably played the character of Beaumont in Resurrection, and now represents the first of the cast members that I have seen on the TV since the shoot wrapped (and on BBC1, no less). As a staunch Arsenal supporter, any excuses of “well, I didn’t see it” should best be addressed to Danny in a French accent.

And no – we haven’t finished cutting the trailer yet. Can you tell? Stalling.

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