Monday, 6 August 2012

Credit crunched

I’ve no idea what’s changed, but it seems that we’re now official.

Presumably something must have clicked over in the strict and arcane IMDb procedures, because overnight our Zombie Resurrection entry into the Internet Movie Database has suddenly appeared. Twice, actually. No warning, no information, nothing; one day we were considered to be a high completion risk, and the next we’re all buddies again.

It must have had something to do with the recent round of festival submissions; the screener submission website WithoutABox is part of the same organisation that’s responsible for IMDb. Although the database rules state that you must have a verifiable premiere date before you can go up, it looks like the $55 entrance fee was enough to buy us a bit of latitude (unless the festival have good news that they’ve failed to share with us).

And so there we are. A complete list of all our cast, crew and zombies, for all to enjoy.

It has taken a good couple of weeks to tidy the entry up into something that almost looks sensible, with every change request taking a reported 7-10 days to be processed. There are still spelling mistakes on a couple of horde members’ names in the pipeline, and a few job titles that needed fixing, but it’s close enough.

But something that we can’t seem to fix is the awful synopsis, and a really strange tagline that must have been written on the spot by the festival organiser’s data-bitch. In the place where the pithy “prey for salvation” should be sits the slightly less manageable “a zombie messiah that can raise the undead from the dead...after they've died...again”.

So we continue to plug away; to trim and manicure. And hopefully by the time that anyone can actually go and buy the movie, it’ll be coiffured to perfection. Although, if anybody knows the IMDb administration password, we could cut out a lot of faffing.

Go take a gander, and we’ll see you again in 7-10 days. Immaculate.

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