Sunday, 11 March 2012


So anyway, that was the crowd sourcing campaign.

Yup – earlier today the IndieGoGo clock ran down, and our crowd sourcing efforts officially finished. A very delicious and enormously appreciated $6450 with which to move Zombie Resurrection forward. And it's a massive thank you to the 46 of you that went and picked up a perk and wrote supportive messages on the site.

One of the nicer aspects of post-production is the modular nature of the work. While Dale-the-tunes is off doing the music, Glen-the sound can be polishing up the dialogue while Rup-the-title-sequence adds more smoke to his animatic of a burning London. While Tom-the-foley carefully places the sounds of gunshots and squelchy gore onto the time line, somewhere on the other side of London Ads-the-DFX is building composites of muzzle flash and splatter.

And seamlessly, Jake and I have adapted to looking at pots of cash in the same manner. That big box of variously coloured contact lenses that were sent to us by mistake instead of the zombie-white design we ordered? One quick Gumtreeing later and that’ll be our Cannes accreditation. That two-hour seminar on how to make a zombie movie to students at Solent University? That looks roughly the same size as the down-payment on our poster design.

The contents of the IndieGoGo campaign coffers? A perfect match for the up-front salaries for the sound, music and titles.

So, a genuinely heartfelt thank you to everyone that contributed to the IndieGoGo campaign – the role-call of the loved is on the website for all to admire, and here’s hoping that at least one Microsoft-supplied picture of the Aurora Borealis has been relegated to the bowels of the Windows 7 directory structure in favour of the poster of our much more attractive cast members.

And when you come to finally watching the movie and find yourself marvelling at the splendour of Rup-the-title-sequence’s funky animatics, or being moved to shed a tear at a particularly stirring moment of Dale-the-tunes’ score, remember – you paid for that, you little beauties.

We always suspected that we were going to miss our target for the IndieGoGo campaign – the £36,000 (or $55,000) that we estimate would see us through to Cannes and those happy conversations with distributors. But without any prior experience of what to expect, we figured that there was no downside to shooting for the moon. The financial penalty that IndieGoGo levies for missing your target is the same, whether you miss the mark by a couple of bucks or a country mile.

So we didn’t let the fact that we had the campaign up and ticking deter us from making approaches to the organisations-formerly-known-as-the-UK-Film-Council, or from slipping out the tendrils to potential private investors. And there’s plenty of news to report; stay tuned.

But until then, from Jake and from me – another thank you. And rest assured, the perks and exclusive merchandise will start to wander your way in a few months as we approach the premiere. Humbled.

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