Thursday, 22 September 2011

Putting the iHoover round

Damn this tidying up.

The march towards getting all the information together that we will need to pass on to an editor continues with a slow and painful grind. A lot of playing with spreadsheets; colour-coding files; searching through sound files to try and tally up with bits of speech or noises on un-slated footage; a lot of sitting on our respective fat arses staring at computer screens.

And so Jake did the only sensible thing that a man can do under these monumentally monotonous circumstances. He went on holiday.

Well, it was really just a long weekend (albeit longer than most long weekends), but he did leave me with the singular pleasure of logging and re-naming all the sound files while he was away.

1,235 different WAV files, each with a name completely un-correlated with the scene, shot or take. That’s 1,235 different times I get to listen to Lois our Sound Recordist say “speed” and me say “Action”. 20 GBytes of data (or just over 19 hours, in old money).

It is what it is – a phrase quickly becoming the Charmed mantra. And so we push on.

Anyway, fresh from the shameless tarting wing of the company comes this recent moment of Resurrection buzz-building, ably decorated by Eric Colvin (in the orange) and Joe Rainbow (in the fatigues), with the freshly zombified Sam Purnell below them. And, yes - Jake really does talk like that when he’s being interviewed, exclamation marks and all!

So, another couple of hours with the rename button await before bed-time. However, as a fitting accompaniment, I have been mostly listening to the infectiously spiky riffage of Mega City Four on Spotify all evening; a band that used to be graced by the guitar talents of Danny Brown, the actor that plays Beaumont in our movie. A man with more talent than me would attempt a mash-up with some of the character’s dialogue; God knows I have enough bloody sound files at my disposal. What makes me think I'm so special? / Good girl, you’re a good girl.

Now that’s the proper way to avoid an evening's work. Not today, sadly. Muffled.

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