Sunday, 14 August 2011

Half time

It’s half-time in Charmed land, and we now get to hand around the oranges in anticipation of an exciting finale to the shoot

So far so good – we have some great footage and nailed-on performances from our supremely talented cast; we have made our pages for the first two weeks and have broken the back of the tricky gags and horde activities. The next two weeks will be (on paper at least) considerably easier, and I achieved my first sensible night’s sleep last night safe in the knowledge that we should end up with all the puzzle pieces from which to build a movie come the end of the month.

Irritatingly, the sensible night’s sleep started at about midnight, and I may have just reset my body clock to day-time hours. I have a feeling that 3 am Andy may be rueing that decision.

In any case, it’s an early start today to get some shots of the party getting into the refuge at golden hour, and we should be done in good time tonight to let the cast and crew out early.

Yesterday evening, after shifting all our gear to a new location, a mini posse of cast and crew hit the Charmed local for a couple of beers and a chance to chat about stuff that wasn’t just zombies, all without the pressure of a camera in the face, someone tapping a watch and a room full of waiting people. A very enjoyable and relaxed evening, although it may take a few months to get my alcohol tolerance back to pre-shoot levels (Two pints? Really?)

Anyway, time to get going, but before I do I thought I’d share a couple of links from the more diligent and energetic bloggers within the team. Alex, our Digital Imaging Technician, has somehow been finding time everyday to file his thoughts from the edit room -

…and Rob, our Assistant Camera-man, has been posting some extraordinarily entertaining photos from a studio that he has set up at the location -

Tonight everybody gets camera time as we wait for the sun to go down between set-ups; keep checking back. After a night off, this is as good as any of us are going to look this week. Refreshed.

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