Friday, 1 July 2011

Testing times

It’s a Friday quickie for y’all as we’re busy getting our stuff together for the camera and lighting test tonight at our college location.

Somehow between 6 pm and 5 am tomorrow morning, we’ve got to figure out how to light every room we want to shoot in, make a 45 second short that our Script Supervisor has written, decorate two zombies in full regalia, and film a zombie horde training video for YouTube.

And everybody wonders why I’ve stopped bothering to shave. Truth is there’s no time to even shower anymore, but I’m probably going to get pulled up on that one first.

Anyway, anybody feeling short-changed by the brevity of this posting should go make themselves a hot cup of tea and settle down in front of their computer for 8 minutes 39 seconds of teenage zombie mayhem from the proper film-maker in my family – m’son Leif. And before anybody complains I should point out that he picked up his coarse language from his fucking mother. Absolved.

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